Here is another way to join our CLC community and share your thoughts about leadership today!

Record a 60-second video* using a phone / computer camera, finishing the following three statements. 

1/ For me leadership is […]

2/ We need leaders who […]

3/ What is missing from leadership today is […]

We have not given you examples to avoid being prescriptive. We are not looking for a specific answer. Share with us what is true to you – in your thinking, in your heart, according to your values. 

*If you are camera shy, or have privacy concerns, feel free to share an image, a voice recording, or a piece of writing that speaks to the questions above, instead.

Send your recording to with the following details and a subject line ‘Joining the Creative Leaders Circle’:

– Your name
– Your affiliation (role / organisation)
– City & Country
– A signed copy of this Participation form

We look forward to hearing from you!