A platform to open-source leadership today and create action. For those in leadership, aspiring leaders, and those who were never encouraged to be leaders.

“Evolving our leadership mindset from outdated models of yesteryear to become visionary, empathic and creative, will be one of the most transformational achievements this century.  The world is full of challenges and changes, discriminations and disparities. One action from one person can have radical effect – good or bad. Create better leadership at every level, and you create better decisions at every level.” 

– Rama Gheerawo
The Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design
Royal College of Art, London 

About Creative Leadership 

A transformational process in which individuals grow their potential to lead themselves and others.

Pioneered by Rama Gheerawo, Director of the Helen Hamlyn Centre for Design (HHCD) at London’s Royal College of Art, our Creative Leadership model enab
les people-centred pathways to leadership and innovation.

At its heart are three leadership values that apply to everyone:

  • Creativity is an innate ability to develop solutions
  • Empathy is the hallmark of a 21st century leader
  • Clarity is an undervalued idea in the conversation.

We do not want to define leadership, we want to open-source it.

This means an open mind, an open heart, and an open hand. It is not a closed fist, it is the bravery to stand up and represent. Catalysing change can be external, but real change starts within. It spans across human life and human experience, regardless of age, ability, gender, race, status and education.

A LEadership manifesto

Join our first event where we will co-create a leadership manifesto with people from all over the world.

Everyone welcome!